Holiday Cabin

Building Overview

A light and spacious holiday cabin that incorporates covered deck space to optimize liveable areas and provide sheltered outdoor spaces for enjoyment.

The layout and shape of the roof can be adjusted to suit the orientation and geography of the site. Originally designed for 1 bedroom, it can be extended to include an additional bedroom that is accessed externally.

Building Profile

  • The amount, location and type of glazing is to be confirmed for specific climate zones. Pricing assumes single glazed windows in timber frames, in quantity shown.
  • No cranes required
  • Number of people to construct the building:
    • – 1 professional builder
    • – 2 assistants
    • – 1 plumber
    • – 1 electrician


  • Supply of materials
  • Inclusions:
    • – 1 x kitchenette
    • – 1 x bathroom
    • – (no bath included)
    • – Basic bedroom joinery
    • – Flooring
  • Labour to assemble
  • Site works dependent on the site and its requirements